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Making Plans, Horsforth

‘I like Mark. Now that may not seem much of an endorsement as I know precious little about accounts. I like a particular brain surgeon but would I let him poke about inside my head is what your thinking?

But the fact is I do not like accounts. It is boring to me. All I need to know is a) how to legally pay the minimum tax possible, b) how to make sure my accounts are in order so both I and anyone else can take a gander and verify results and c) use them for what they are really intended to do which is as measuring stick to see how and where the company is or is not making money and to steer it to where the money is.

Because of my lack of interest left to my own devices all of these aspects would slide. Mark makes sure they don’t and I trust him to work in my best interests – which he does. (That’s what I pay him for but often professionals actually work first for their own interest then the clients.)

Try trusting someone you don’t actually like. OK It was a trick binary question. But you get my point.

So if you find you like Mark Hill then I would recommend him. And if you don’t there are plenty more anonymous accountants out there, I know I get a call about once a fortnight.’