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About Us

Why is Simple Accounting different?

We focus on clients that want to be in control of their affairs.  Nearly all our clients have come to us after being dissatisfied with their previous accountants.  We do not work for clients that just want someone to add up the receipts in a shoebox full of envelopes.


Our emphasis is on simplicity in your administration.  We help you to keep simple record-keeping which means that you (not your creditors) run your business.  We never forget that administration is boring.  We never forget that producing records costs you money.  We know that the point of providing records is to create savings and earn your business more.

We try and remove the tiers of record keeping that create work, but no lasting saving.

We make sure you are in control of your business

Simple Accounting Limited is different to most High Street accountants. As your accountants we would like to help put you in control of your business. We do this by guiding you in the use of straightforward software.

Straightforward Software

We want software to be fun for you to operate. We like software that makes life easy for you.We have therefore spent a long time choosing the software we would like you to use.  We use this software ourselves.  We use the values that come out of Quickbooks or AccountEdgeSolar Accounts or MamutAE, to directly create your tax accounts, VAT records, dividend payments etc.

We put you in control. One set of records, one database, no confusion.

No duplication

Many external accountants create their own sets of books, which duplicate those kept by the client.  This second set of records is then used to compose your returns, management and annual accounts. Unfortunately the consequence is often that your records and your tax accounts get out of kilter.

That is not the way we operate. Instead, we train you so you are sure that your management software always gives the right information.  It shows you your debtors, your cashflow and your profits.  Simultaneously your tax liabilities are verifiable. We make any adjustments and corrections that are required direct into your accounts system.  There is no need for any extra sets of books, no need for costly duplication.

Complete Service

Simple Accounting Ltd would like to become your Business Companion.  We take responsibility for all your returns and deadlines for you.  This is a much fuller service than you are likely to receive from other accountants.

We include Software, Year end Accounts, VAT returns, Payroll, Business Advice and Company Secretarial work. You use as much or as little of the menu of service as you need- we will use the rest of the time you pay for to help you to plan or market your business, train you in your software, save tax, train you in your software or ease your administration.

Link to Business Companion

Simple Accounting works nationwide

We are based in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire and have partners in York, Leeds and Manchester.  We currently have clients in the following areas:

  • Yorkshire
  • Surrey
  • Tyneside
  • Lancashire
  • Manchester
  • North Wales
  • Thames Valley
  • Midlands
  • Sussex
  • Leeds
  • London
  • Bristol
  • Devon
  • Scotland

Terms of Business

You can read our Terms of Business here

You can read our policies on privacy, data protection and money laundering here.