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Solar Accounts for PC and Mac

Solar Accounts is remarkably similar in its operation to MYOB.
If you are used to MYOB, convert to Solar and you won’t get lost!

Solar Accounts provides a complete single user solution for PC and Mac. It is suitable for small businesses of all types and is quick to set up and simple to learn.


It combines nominal ledger, multiple chequebooks, sales, purchasing, VAT and simple card file functions.  It is a fully integrated, ledger-based double-entry accounting program. The menus are straightforward to use for those experienced in MYOB. It is easy to implement at a basic level for start-up users.  It has import facilities from older programs like MYOB. The main limitation to the software is the single user status. There is no budgeting facility, and no stock control as such.  However for smaller businesses these limitations are not serious. The basic fee is £11 per month.

Buy Solar Accounts

To buy the software go to the Solar Accounts Website. Alternatively those clients on our Business Companion service can receive this program installed for free.

Test Drive

Test Drive Solar Accounts


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Next step:

Have a look at the services we offer to clients who are installing or upgrading. Please contact us if you would like more information about Solar or would like us to help you with your conversion.