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Our Charges

Charges for our ‘Business Companion Service’:

Details of our Business Companion Service

Our fees are based on thresholds of turnover and numbers of staff including paid directors. The usual charges we make for our services are as follows:

A 2 £80,000 125
B 3 £100,000 150
C 4 £120,000 170
D 5 £140,000 194
E 6 £160,000 220
F 8 £200,000 254
G 10 £250,000 290
H 12 £350,000 327
I 15 £500,000 363
J 20 £750,000 406
K 25 £1m 447
L 30 £1.5m 491
M 35 £2m 540
N 40 £2.5m 601
O 50 £3m 673
P 60 £4m 750
Q 70 £5m 830
R 80 £6m 910

Notes on Charges:

We can only work with clients who keep records of their transactions in one of the software packages we recommend. See our ‘Software’ page.

  • Reduced monthly charge for businesses in Yorkshire or Lancashire (£25 off up to band F, £40 off from band G upwards).
  • We offer a reduction of up to 20% for excellent books.
  • Included with this service are several training & business advice visits per year depending on size. 
  • We do not include bookkeeping within our standard service. Bookkeeping charges are between £10 and £60 per month (+ VAT).
  • If we are acting for you at the time on sale of your firm we charge £2,000 plus 2.5% of the sale value, to help with valuations, marketing of your firm, assistance with negotiations and due diligence support.
  • Turnover includes other employments, trade or private rental income which will be added to your Personal Tax Return. Substantial self employments alongside the main firm are priced separately.
  • We add an extra 20% onto the charge for charities and Co-ops due to their complexity
  • These limits are separate. So for a company with ten staff or directors, but a turnover of only £150k the band would be G.

These charges include final accounts, business and personal tax and company secretarial and support for VAT returns and payrolls. You can use as much or as little of this array of services as you require. We may charge extra for work outside the Business Companion list.

Audits can be arranged based on a recharge of fees charged by a registered Auditor used to our processes and work.

Consultancy/ Training Charges

We encourage clients to take advantage of comprehensive Business Companion service which includes all support.

Details of our Consultancy and Training Service

  • At your site – Yorkshire/ Lancashire £499 per day
  • London (within or near M25) £649 per day
  • Rest of England/ Scotland/ Wales £599 per day
  • At our office – £70 per hour or £399 per full day (7 hours)
  • Phone support – £120 per hour
  • All free for Business Companion clients

Database Repair and Conversion

Some clients come to us with old MYOB datafiles. We can convert these to a more recent version of AccountEdge (MYOB) for £150 each through our association with the MYOB User Group These are all free for our Business Companion clients.

Next Step:

Please contact us if you need further advice, have any questions about our services, or would like a free consultation or a fixed quote.